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SOARC Committee


Student Organization Advisory Review Committee


Chairperson: Kyle Weinreich
Phone: 401-874-2261
Fax: 401-874-4427

IMPORTANT NOTE: Timeliness is Important. Paperwork handed in after the deadline will NOT be considered.

The Student Organization Advisory and Review Committee, known as SOARC, deals with all matters relating to student organizations at the University of Rhode Island.

SOARC reviews all applications for recognition as a University student organization. After a group has been recognized, it must apply for re-recognition every fall semester during the annual Re-Recognition Process.

SOARC maintains and interprets the Model Constitution, the document outlining the fundamental standards by which every student organizations is required to operate.

In addition to recognizing student organizations, SOARC functions in an advisory capacity, oversees group activities to ensure they are operating within their stated purpose, arbitrates disputes, and administers disciplinary measures (including de-recognition) when an organization violates policy.

SOARC holds a monthly meeting of all URI student organization Presidents-- called the President's Meeting, on the first Monday of each month during the academic year.

Presidents Meetings are mandatory. If you can not attend please send another reliable member of your group.