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Finance Committee




Signature Cards:

MUST be signed by both the President and Treasurer of your group before your budget can be used at the beginning of each school year and if there is a new President or Treasurer. Cards MUST be filled out in front of the Finance Chair.

Cash Boxes:
All Events where money is collected, MUST have a cash box - fill out Cash Box Form.pdf icon Boxes need to be turned in within 24 hours of the event. NO MONEY is to be taken out at any time and MUST be turned in to the building manager to verify funds.

MUST be reviewed & signed by Bruce Hamilton, MU Director. Contract Checklist pdf icon

Food Purchases:

Purchases from recruitment monies MUST be submitted to the Finance Chair for approval along with a Purchase Requisition pdf iconand copy an advertisement for the event WELL in advance.

Contingency Grant Paperwork:

If not filled out in a timely manner, "Immediate Consideration" is permitted but carries a financial penalty. (These forms are only available in the Student Senate office)

Extra Funding:
Level 1, 2 and 3 Groups have Co-sponsorship pdf iconmonies. Why not ask another group for help?

Gas Reimbursement/Driver Forms: List of Drivers pdf iconMileage Reimbursement pdf icon

MUST be filled out PRIOR to leaving for a trip/conference. Make sure to get them along with copies of Drivers licenses and proof of insurance to the Finance Chair.

Purchasing Items:

Use a Tax Exempt letter when purchasing items. (letters available in the student senate office)

Receipts and Reimbursement:

MUST be submitted within 5 business days, Individuals will not be reimbursed for purchases over $50, Receipts may NOT contain other items than what is being reimbursed - receipts with other purchases included WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Use a check reimbursement pdf icon form for purchases between $15 and $50.

Paperwork Timeline:

Refer to the back of the Finance Handbook for a process flow chart to help plan the time needed for requesting funding and planning your event.

Finance Questions?:

Make sure you speak with the Finance Chair and/or Lorrie Olson, Student Senate Accounts.























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