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Computer Disposals

Computer Disposals and Destruction of Hard Drives

The security of the data on the hard drive of a computer is our first priority in Support Services in the computer disposal process. Please follow these short steps:

  1. Submit the completed and signed work order and send to
  2. The computer will be picked up, brought to Central Receiving, and locked up.
  3. The hard drive will be removed, logged in and secured in a safe.
  4. The vendor is contacted and a date is set for the hard drives to be shredded.  A Support Services staff member transports them to the State's recycling vendor and observes the shredding of these drives. The vendor has a video camera on during the process.
  5. If there are any questions about this process, or a department requires special handling, please contact the Assistant Director of Support Services at 4-2760 for further information.

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