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Government Furnished Equipment

Property Notice: Government Furnished Equipment

Compliance in the Delivery of Government-Furnished Equipment under Federal Acquisitions Regulations Guidelines.

Based on a strong recommendation by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Coordinator for the Federal Property urges all principal investigators to notify the Property Department (401.874.2379) upon receipt of any equipment items, materials, consumables, and/or testing equipment from Federally-sponsored agencies.

If contractor-acquired equipment is brought to URI from another institution, the Principal Investigator is responsible, as well, for notifying the Property Department about that transferred equipment.


Please Note:
Recipients of all government furnished equipment/materials shipped to the University (for all campuses) must inform the Coordinator of Federal Property (Cynthia Yemma Faria) when an item is received and provide her with documentation from the granting agency for Government reporting purposes.

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