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Property and Support Services building entrance

Property and Inventory

This unit manages the INSITE asset

database for equipment acquired from

purchase orders, LVPOs, college

requisitions, donations, transfers,

and fabrications.

The Staff is responsible for:

  • bar code tagging all items with cost

greater than $1,000;

  • responsible for completing department

physical inventories every two years to comply

with the Office of Management and Budget Circular's A-21 and A-110.

For donated equipment contact the University's  web site for procedures and instructions in the University Manual, Appendix G.

For declaring inventoried State equipment surplus, the following steps must be taken:

  • equipment must be offered to other University departments first;
  • state agencies are notified after University departments;
  • municipalities or non-profit agencies are notified after State agencies. (For more information on how the process if handled, click here for News & Updates on Surplus Equipment Procedures.)

Our office must be notified:

  • if a piece of equipment is stolen or lost;
  • before equipment is used for a trade in;
  • when equipment becomes surplus to a department's needs.

Click here for a Certification of Unavailability/Unsuitability form (Screening form), which must accompany all requisitions to purchase Federal (only) equipment with a value of $5,000 or more. A screening form is also located on our website under Forms. The table for screening levels necessary for specific equipment purchases or lease requests can be found in Section 4.30 pages 32-33 of the University User Manual, also located on the website under POLICIES & PROCEDURES. The screening procedure can be found in Section 5.11 pages 36-37.


Darlene Pezza



Vicki Dube

Property Officer

John Rose

Property Officer

David Traficante
Property Officer

Neil Ulricksen
Property Officer

Ellen Kelley

Senior Word Processing Typist




Location & Hours

Dining Services Distribution Center
581 Plains Road, Suite 1
Kingston, RI 02881
p. 401.874.5474
f. 401.874.5596

Coordinator of Acquisitions
Darlene Pezza

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 4:30pm

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