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News & Updates

Work Orders for Special Events, Office Moves, Equipment Disposals, etc., are now online! (Click on Forms to access work orders)

Donated Equipment
New procedure information on the receiving of donated equipment.

Computer Disposals
Proper procedure on how to dispose of computers and the destruction of hard drives.

Government Furnished Equipment
Notification information on receiving Government-Furnished Equipment.

Screening Form Changes
All purchases or lease purchases using Federal Funds with a cost of $5,000 or more must have the Screening Form attached to the college requisition. *The only version of this form that should be used has a revised date of 12/15/14 in the lower right corner of the form. All previous versions of this form should be destroyed.

Policy Update on University Property

No property, whether purchased with University funds or otherwise acquired, may be defined as surplus without the prior approval of the Property Office.

Disposition of surplus property is defined as any property to be traded-in against a new purchase, cannibalized for spare parts, externally transferred, donated to a non-profit charitable/community organization, sold for salvage value, or destroyed (waste removal).

For more information contact the Coordinator of Property Acquisitions, Darlene Pezza, at so the department's inventory can be kept updated.