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Property and Support Services building entrance

Central Receiving

truck at a loading dock

Central Receiving warehouse is located at the northwest corner of the University. The staff:

  • receives the majority of bulk campus deliveries at its loading docks off Plains Road;
  • breaks them down, and delivers these goods to the appropriate departments on campus.
  • provides the material support for all special events;
  • handles a broad range of work orders, which includes shredding of confidential documents; ordering of tables and chairs for special events.

The warehouse serves as the storage facility for surplus office furniture, made available to all departments as needed on campus.

  • Equipment disposals are processed through this facility by contacting the secretary listed below BEFORE any transaction is made.
  • For disposal of Federal items (with a yellow tag accompanying the URI#) click on the Federal Property page for instructions.
  • For computer disposals, on this web site go to FORMS and complete a work order; the computer will be picked up and brought to Central Receiving and locked up, the hard drive will be removed, logged in and secured in a safe. The vendor is contacted and a date is set for the hard drives to be shredded. A Support Services staff member will transport the hard drives to the State's recycling vendor and observes the shredding of these drives. The vendor has a video camera on during the process. If there are any questions about this process, or the department requires special handling, please contact the Asst. Director of Support Services at 4-2760 for further information.


Heather Harwood

Location & Hours

Central Receiving Warehouse
563 Plains Road
Kingston, RI 02881
p. 401.874.2578
f. 401.874.5596

Heather Harwood

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 3:00pm

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