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Space/Federal Property


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The purpose of the space utilization system is to:

  • identify University spaces;
  • record usable spaces to a department and a function;
  • determine room descriptions;
  • measure and record the net square footage of University rooms.

Space surveys are distributed to departments (in compliance with the requirement of OMB A-21 guidelines) by the Sponsored and Cost Accounting Department.

  • Floor plans are provided by this office. 
  • Individual departments are responsible for the accuracy of the space activity data it submits.
  • The survey information is directly tied into the University's Indirect Cost Recovery rate.

Any room use or organizational changes made to space, after the survey has been completed, should be e-mailed to the Coordinator of Space so that records are kept updated.

Floor plans are available upon request.

Federal Property

Federal/Government property is defined as:

  • Contractor-acquired equipment
  • Government-furnished equipment

The University is directly responsible and accountable for all government property in its possession.

  • All Principal Investigators must notify the Coordinator of Space/Federal Property upon receipt of equipment directly from a Federal Agency
  • Equipment acquired through Federal Grants is inventoried by the Coordinator and reported annually at the agency's request
  • Equipment closeouts are handled according to the agencies terms and conditions clause
  • Fabrication notices supported by a grant and costing over $5000 to build must be completed in the Research Office on the second floor in the Research Building.  All items become Federal equipment and must adhere to the particular grant's guidelines
  • Disposals of Federally-titled equipment are handled individually, based on the agency's special terms and conditions clause.  Please contact the Coordinator before any Federal equipment is disposed.


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