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Car share is here! Car share is here!

By: Marsha Garcia  Date: 03/01/2011
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Image courtesy of: Michael Salerno

Thanks to the extensive efforts of the URI Student Senate, a car share program is finally on campus. Connect by Hertz has placed 4 new cars on campus lots for students, faculty, and staff to use for any reason. Two cars can be found behind the Parking Services building (across from the Memorial Union lot), and an additional two cars are parked in the Merrow Hall lot. You need a Connect membership card (must be 18 years old and older with a valid driver's license) which can be obtained by registering online. To reserve a car, simply go to the Connect website, find out which car is available at any given time, click, and the car is yours.  Gas and insurance are included in the hourly or daily rate.

Why would adding 4 new cars on campus actually help URI reduce green house gas emissions? We have many personal cars that people bring on campus but never really use much all year. If we can eliminate all of those cars then we can subtract that from the university's carbon foot print. Also, if taking the bus to URI was something you never considered because you just don't like the idea of being "stranded" on campus, you can now rest assured that if you really do need the car for a quick errand or an urgent matter (you just realized you left the iron on at home!), there is one available for you to use. Basically, the car share program makes it more possible for people to take the bus instead of wasting gas driving their personal car to campus (or driving around looking for parking!). Less traffic means less green house gas emissions.

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