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Living Learning Communities

The “What, Why and Who” of URI’s Living Learning Communities

In University College for Academic Success, our philosophy is NO MAJOR?? NO PROBLEM!! We recognize that many people who choose not to declare a major are multi-talented individuals who could follow any number of educational and career paths.

As an "exploring student" you are invited to take part in a living/learning community designed specifically for URI “Undeclared” students

What is a Living Learning Community?
It is a residence hall dedicated to a particular college or major. In your case, you will live with other students who are exploring majors and career choices. Advisors come to the residence halls to meet you, and upper class peer mentors live alongside you in the residence halls, helping you have a great start to a college career.

Why do students choose to live in Living Learning Communities?

There are many features that make Living/Learning Communities successful at URI. Students take several classes in common, including a special section of URI 101 (informative freshmen seminar required of all first-year students) taught by staff with a special interest in helping students explore their career/major interests. Sharing classes makes it easier to make connections, both socially and academically.  Students form natural study groups, and generally feel more connected to faculty, staff, and the university at large.

Who can choose to live in Living Learning Communities?
Right now, students who are Undeclared/Undecided about their major, and those in The College of Arts and Sciences, The College of Engineering, The College of Environment and Life Sciences, Chinese Flagship, GELS (Gender, Equity, and Leadership in Sexuality), The College of Human Science and Services, The College of Nursing, and College of Pharmacy may choose to live in these residence halls.


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