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Academic Advising

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University College (UC) is where all new students are first enrolled. It is essentially an “advising” college. University College does not grant degrees; its purpose is to provide you with advising that will help you to make the appropriate academic choices. UC also oversees several special academic programs, including New Student Orientation, the Learning Assistance Network, Service Learning, and both the Study Away and Internships Offices.

The Rockett Room is a great space located in Room 108 Roosevelt Hall. Students are invited to use the computers and talk with UC Professional and Peer Advisors when classes are in session. You needn’t make an appointment, you simply sign-in and you will be assisted in the order of your arrival by a Peer Advisor or "Adviser of the day". This service is designed to help students get answers to quick general questions and should not be a replacement for your major advisor. Such general topics include:

  • General Education Information
  • Registration Information
  • Adding/Dropping a Course
  • Second Grade Option Information
  • Transfer Credit and Prior Approval
  • Taking Summer Courses
  • Internship or Study Abroad Questions
  • Withdrawals/Leaves of Absence

The Rockett Room is dedicated to Assistant Dean Emerita Sarah H. Rockett, who for many years advised students and later oversaw academic advising in University College. Dean Rockett continues to work part-time in UC, advising undeclared students and working on various projects.

Important Facts

  • University College’s motto: “We welcome you, we support you, and we challenge you.”
  • University College’s advising offices are located on the first floor of Eleanor Roosevelt Hall.
    • The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.
    • If you have a quick question, walk-in advising is available weekdays from 9:00-11:30am and 1:00-3:00pm when classes are in session in Roosevelt 108 (aka The Rockett Room). Peer advisors are also available during this time, and are on AIM with the screenname: ucadvchat
  • If you have selected a major field of study, you will be assigned (or can choose) a faculty member from that major as your advisor. If you are undecided, you will be assigned an advisor that specializes in working with undecided students.
  • Advisors are faculty members or professional staff who know a great deal about URI. They are experts in the fields of study they represent and can provide information about registration and major requirements. Advisors can guide you through procedural issues that you may encounter and help you locate academic assistance. Advisors can also refer you to appropriate resources to learn about special academic opportunities such as study abroad, internships, and independent study.
  • Requirements differ depending on your major and/or college when you transfer from UC to a degree granting college. Once you have accumulated sufficient credits and have taken the necessary prerequisite coursework, your advisor can file the paperwork for your transfer.
  • You will be assigned a new faculty advisor by the degree-granting college once you transfer out of University College. For questions regarding who your new advisor is, call the appropriate academic department.

Before the Presentation

Engage your students in a discussion pertaining to exploring their majors and all of the various opportunities. Get them excited about the upcoming presentation by asking them to talk about their “future goals.”
Potential Discussion Topics:

  • What are your greatest concerns regarding academic advising?
  • What are one or two things that you are most worried or confused about as you approach your first registration cycle?
  • What one or two classes would you like to register for next semester? Why?


After the Presentation

A nice way to see if your students obtained any information after the presentation is to give them a short quiz or you can generate several questions about University College. Another way would be a proof of scheduled appointment with their academic advisor.
Some sample quiz/questions you can ask your students:
1.    What does UC stand for?
2.    What is UC’s motto?
3.    Where is UC located?
4.    How do you find the availability of seats for class?
5.    How can you find your registration time?
6.    How can you set an appointment with an advisor through e-campus?
You can definitely take them on a tour of the building pointing out various rooms on the Academic Advising side. For example, the Rockett Room where Peer Advisors are able to assist them and where walk-in advising takes place.

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