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Balancing Act




Several Blocks, Balls, and rolls of masking tape


15 minutes (maybe a little longer with discussion)


To demonstrate that time management is about balancing all the things that you need to do and that there are resources to help you if you need it.


Divide the group into smaller groups of about 5 people and tell them you are going to talk about time management.  Distribute the several blocks to each group (5-7).  Instruct the students to stack the blocks on top of each other.  There will most likely be no problem doing this.  Once they have completed this task distribute 2-3 balls to each group, instruct them to take down their current structure and create a new one by stacking the blocks and balls.  After a few attempts (1-2 minutes) (they will probably not be able to do it unless they are talented in stacking round objects) give each group a roll of masking tape and ask them if this would help.  The structures may not look so pretty but most groups should be able to make it stand up.


What do the blocks represent? (Things that you are comfortable with and have under control-maybe eating, sleeping, friends, different for everyone.)
What do the balls represent? (Things that are unexpected or challenging-maybe studying, family, etc. again different for everyone)

What does the tape represent? (Support and resources for the challenging or unexpected things-AEC, Early Intervention, Counseling Center, etc.)

Discuss the difference between high school and college time management-high school spent more time in school and less on homework and in college it usually reverses-different pressure from friends and family-more things to do/get involved in, etc. 

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