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On the Bus




Be sure you have classroom space to conduct this icebreaker.


Allows students to get to know each other and to get up and move around a bit.


Have students form a single file line (one person in front of the other, not side to side).  This line will be considered on the bus. Ask the students about their preferences and have one preference get off the bus to one side and another preference get off the bus to the other side.  After the students have looked to see who got off on each side have everyone get back on the bus to continue the game.

Some simple examples:                        

      • Red Sox, Yankees
      • Summer, Winter
      • Football, Basketball
      • Single/In a Relationship
      • Salty/Sweet
      • Fold Your Toilet Paper/Crumple Your Toilet Paper
      • Read a Book/Watch a Movie
      • Indoorsy/Outdoorsy
      • Tattoo/ No Tattoo
      • Study In a Group/Study By Yourself
      • Coffee Drinker/Non Coffee Drinker
      • Take a Shower/Take a Bath
      • Do You Put Your Left Foot In Your Pants First or Right Foot?
      • Hands Folded- Is Your Left or Right Thumb On Top?
      • Coffee or Tea- With or Without Sugar?

                        Be creative! Think of things that may apply to your students.

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