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Your URI 101 students are coming to a new campus and meeting new people who are different from them in so many ways. It’s important to address diversity with your class so they can understand and be sensitive to one another’s differences. These differences can be anything from ethnicity to life values. Helping students become aware of diversity can make the transition to college a little easier for them.

Though words are still the major sources of communication, they are not the only source. We talk to each other with smiles, with handshakes, with hugs, with laughter, with eye contact, with touching, holding, enfolding and a myriad of gestures. These, too are languages. Some of which may "speak louder than words." You can tell a great deal about a person when he or she shakes your hand. A hug can send off so many messages. A glance can suggest a thousand words. Still, not too many of us respect the power of wordless messages.

We are diverse in many different ways. We each bring something different to the campus community and we should all celebrate our differences.

Diversity Week:  September 30th - October 6th, 2013

Here are some Diversity Activities that will help demonstrate Diversity in a more interactive way including discussions and full class participation. There are some issues that may cause some students to feel a little uncomfortable but these activities should make it easier for them.

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