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Have You Ever?






Helps students get to know each other, get up and move around, and offer information that they fell comfortable sharing.


Ask the students to form a circle with their chairs.  You begin in the center of the circle (standing, without a seat) and ask a “Have you ever?” question (that you can answer yes to). Everyone that can answer yes moves from their chair to an open chair.  There will be one person left without a place to sit so they go to the middle and ask the next question.  The game continues until everyone has been in the middle at least once. 


Have you ever been to a foreign country?
Have you ever eaten at the Ram’s Den?
Have you ever been on a job interview?
Have you ever been to Providence?
Have you ever gone to a Red Sox game?
Have you ever studied at the Library?
Have you ever gotten lost on Campus?
Have you ever been to Wakefield?
Have you ever walked to the Emporium?
Have you ever been to a concert?


Change “Have you ever?” to “I’ve”  (I’ve been to Alaska, I’ve eaten Sushi) or just a statement (I like the red sox, I have a Bio test tomorrow) lead of using chairs -you can use a shoe or any other object to stand next to.


Were you surprised by how many people have done certain things/ were you surprised if you were the only person to do something?

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