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Human Scavenger Hunt




List of Items (one list per student)


Allows students to get to know each other better and to become more comfortable with each other.  Also by having the students move around they will talk to people that they may not have on their own.


Distribute Human Treasure Hunt. Instruct students to move around and find people for each item, being sure to write the person’s name next to the item that they match.

To prepare for this game you can ask the students to email you 2 things that are unique about them.

If there are 20 students in your class there should be 20 items on your list. Each person should sign each list one time. This way everyone has to interact with each other instead of 1 person signing five items.

                                    Example Items:

    • Owns a car more than ten years old
    • Works part-time
    • Prefer the Red Sox to Yankees
    • Is on a varsity team
    • Has a tattoo
    • Live off campus
    • Is the first person in his/her family to attend college
    • Likes asparagus
    • Works out everyday
    • Was a member of student government in H.S.
    • Has been to Europe
    • Prefers surfing to snow boarding
    • Has more than three siblings
    • Plans to attend law school after college
    • Is the "baby" of the family
    • Is proficient in another language
    • Was born in the Midwest
    • Drives an SUV
    • Spends more time surfing the web than watching T.V.
    • Is majoring in a science field
    • Plays an instrument
    • Was in a H.S. play
    • Likes Dunkin Donut's more than Starbucks
    • Has ever bungee jumped
    • Knows how to swing dance
    • Does not have a checking account
    • Does not have a drivers license.
    • Has their own credit card
    • Was a member of their high school band


What were you surprised to find out about your classmates? Did you find out that you had things in common or is everyone different


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