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I Need Your Help...




Copies of I Need Your Help Activity Worksheet
I Need Your Help Activity Answer Sheet


15 - 20 minutes


To encourage discussion among the students by having them ask one another questions about URI.


1. Pass out a sheet of paper to each student.
2. Have them walk around the room and try to find answers to each question by asking their fellow peers. Tell them that they should try to get an answer from every student in the class.
3. After they have filled out the sheet, have them return to their seats and go over each question one by one.
4. Read them aloud and ask for an answer from a student.
5. If there are multiple options for answering a question, make sure to discuss them all since some students may not know them.
6. Ask your students for any other things they need help with, and see if other students can help answer them.

The idea behind this activity is that students are full of information, and it's important for them to share their knowledge with others. Instructors, professors, or adults may not be around to answer them, so this forces the students to become comfortable for asking for help from their fellow peers. This should encourage them to open up and ask one another questions since the majority of them are in the same learning community, therefore are together almost every day.

Feel free to turn this into a game and create teams to see who can come up with all of the answers first. Remember to keep in mind the idea that every student should contribute at least one answer to the questions above. The first team/group to complete the activity with the correct answers wins!

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