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URI Jeopardy




List of questions with dollar amounts assigned to them

Jeopardy board (write on board the categories and dollar amounts under each so that you can cross them off as you go)

Score sheet


To familiarize students with URI          


Draw your Jeopardy board on the chalk/dry-erase board.  Split students into three groups.  Play Jeopardy-just like on the T.V. show.  At the end tally the scores and maybe give a prize.

Check out these additional Sample Jeopardy Questions also!


These categories can be placed in any order you want and either in the first round or second round, which is Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy, respectively.  In the Jeopardy round the dollar values are 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500.  In the Double Jeopardy round the dollar values are doubled to 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1000.  Different questions can always be substituted.

All About URI
Where is the place that you can go to when you are feeling under the weather?
            - Health Services
What is the name of the school newspaper?
            - The Good 5¢ Cigar
Who is the Dean of Student Life?
            - Fran Cohen
Who is the president of the University?
            - President David M. Dooley
What is the oldest building on campus?
            - Oliver Watson House

The Library
Where can you find videos, films, and CD’s?
            - Media Resource Room
What’s HELIN?
            - The library network system
How many books are in the library?
            - 1.1 Million
Where can you find extra readings and notes for class?
            - Reserves
How many floors are in the library?
            - 4 (including basement)

University College
What program offers free tutoring to students?
            - Academic Enhancement Center
What is the 2nd grade option?
- If you receive a C- or worse in a course you can retake the class if it is within your 1st 30 credits taken at URI
Where can you find your advisor?
            - Roosevelt Hall
What’s e-campus?
            - Online Registration and student information
Where is the Office of the Bursar located?
            - Enrollment Services: Green Hall

What is the URI Mascot?
            - Rhody the Ram
What is the program called when you compete against teams within the school?
            ­- Intramurals
Where can you go to get “pumped up?”
            - Mackal Field House
Where are all the basketball games played?
            - Thomas M. Ryan Center
Where can you go swimming?
            - Tootell
What sport is most popular at URI?
            - Basketball

Greek Life
Where are most of the Fraternity/Sorority Houses located?
            - Fraternity Circle
How many sororities are there at URI?
            - 9
Name 1 fraternity and 1 sorority:

What is the percentage of students at URI who are Greek?
            - 10%
How many fraternities are there at URI?
            - 11

Residential Life
How much does laundry cost?
            - $1.25 per load
Where is the GLBT Center located?     
            - Adams Hall
What are the 5 types of dorms?
            - Short Corridor, Long Corridor, Suite, Apartment and Tower
Which dorm has a dining hall in it?
            - Butterfield
How many residential Halls are there on campus?
            - 23

Student Activities
What’s Hillel?
            - The Jewish Student Organization
What are Ram Tours?
            - Outings sponsored by URI
What’s on October 16th this year?
            - Homecoming
What is home of student life?
            - The Memorial Union
What does SEC stand for?
            - Student Entertainment Committee

Academic Buildings on Campus
In what building is the Honors Program located?
            - Lippitt Hall
What building was originally built underground?
            - BISC (Biological Sciences Building)
Where is the Writing Center located?
            - Academic Enhancement Center
In what building should you be wearing lab coats and goggles and working with chemicals?
            - Pastore
What is the tallest building?
            - Chafee

The State of Rhode Island
What is the state capital?
            - Providence
Where can you go to visit and tour mansions?
            - Newport
What is the name of one of the closest beaches where you can find lots of URI students on a nice day?
            - Narragansett or Scarborough
Where is TF Green Airport located?
            - Warwick
What does RIPTA stand for?
            - Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority

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