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Group Juggle




Soft Objects, Space To Have Your Class in a Full Circle


Name Association


This is an interactive way for us to begin to learn each other’s names. We’ll begin by going around the circle and introducing yourself, where you’re from and why you chose URI. Then we’ll see how good your memory is!


  1. Have the group stand in a circle. The basic idea is to toss an object (i.e., ball, hacky sack, stuffed animal, etc.) around the circle.

  2. Before a person throws the object they have to call out the person's name they are throwing it to. The receiver says “Thank you (name of thrower).”

  3. Student can be asked to either throw it to the same person each time (they continue the same pattern) or to different persons around the circle.

  4. As they begin to get the hang of it, add more objects. With the addition of more objects there is usually a lot more laughter as everyone is trying desperately to pay attention so they do not get hit with an object or drop one while more are coming their way.

  5. After the activity, have volunteers name all of the people in the circle (this is also a good way for facilitators to learn names).


  1. Have the group sit in a circle with one member in the middle that remains standing.  First everyone should go around the circle and introduce themselves.

  2. The mentor begins the activity by saying someone’s name. The person in the middle needs to throw the ball to the person whose name was called. The person whose name was called needs to call out a different name before the ball reaches them.

  3. When the person in the middle successfully tosses the ball to the person whose name was called before they can name someone else then they are removed from the center, join the circle, and the person who the ball was tossed to takes the place in the middle of the circle. 

  4. The person that has rejoined the circle begins the round by calling out someone’s name.

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