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Learning Styles: Memory Activity




Many random objects with colors, shapes, numbers, or make sounds that are small enough to be placed on a desk – the more the better. (±40).


Depending on how large the class: 15 – 20 minutes.


To open the minds of students and to educate them on the different learning styles that each of us employs.


Place the many random objects on a larger table and spread them out.  Split the class into groups of four.  Each group will be asked to approach the table one at time and try to remember as many objects as they can.  After 60 seconds, instruct the students to sit back in their seats and take out a piece of paper.  Have them write down all the objects they can recall from memory.  The table should be kept away from where the students are writing so they do not see the objects for more than the 60 seconds.  The next group is then up.  

Sample Objects:

Playing cards
Toy truck
Paper clip
Stapler remover
Mouse pad
Glue stick
Post-It notes


After the activity has completed, ask the students their strategies on how they recalled the amount of objects they could.  Students, for example, will talk about a story they made up that incorporates many of the objects, others will take about just memorizing from left to right, others will take about the sounds they heard in the objects (whistle, stapler, toy truck), and some will bring up the different shapes and colors they saw.  Other techniques are quite entertaining to hear about, but they also lead insight into the thought processes of all students and their learning styles. 

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