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URI 101 Library Experience
Robert L. Carothers Library and Learning Commons
approx. 50 minutes
University Library Main Page


Learning to use the Library, both as a place to study, and as an array of services, will increase each student's ability and skill at finding and using the quality materials that are required for college level research and scholarship. Understanding the wide variety of materials and services that the library provides is an essential tool that will enable students to do their best work in an effective, efficient manner.

Whether students use the library virtually or physically they will discover that the University Libraries play a large role in their academic success. Over 600,000 visitors use the libraries each year to accomplish both individual and group research, and to use and to borrow books, periodicals, DVDs, CDs and other materials from the libraries' in-depth collections. With seating for 1200 students in a wireless computing environment students will find many opportunities to use the library over the course of their career at URI.

How to Use the Library Experience Activities

The Library Experience includes a pre-activity and an actual library visit. These two components work together to welcome the freshmen class to the library and inform students about the library spaces and services that will help to increase/support their college success.

Before the Presentation

Part 1 - Pre-Activity - Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide: Students should be assigned to review that page before they visit the library! This will help familiarize students with some of the materials we'll use during their library instruction session.

During the Presentation (Prescheduled in your URI 101 Syllabus)

Part 2 - The Library Experience

This is a 50 minute session that will introduce students to a variety of library spaces and services that will help them to do research in an academic library. We want students to know they are welcome in the library, to know that they can and should ask for help along the way and that there are a multitude of sources only available via or in an academic library (things that aren't available via Google or other open Web tools). This session will be facilitated by a librarian or by graduate students who work in the library.

A Sample Schedule:

Library Tour w/ 12 Cephalonian-style questions (10 minutes)

Take class to first floor Learning Lab

 Information Excavation –  3 tasks (10 minutes)

  • Students will work in pairs or small groups to investigate and answer one of 13 “wild card” questions to be answered using the libraries’ web site. Each pair or group will answer one question/task.
  • All students will investigate and answer Task 2 and Task 3.

Share Results of Information Excavation (15 minutes)

  • Instructor asks students to report out on the results of their investigation. Depending on group size and timing, discuss as many of questions as possible. Librarian may review each answer with class as time allows (clarification and confirmation). For classes where instructor prefers students focus on learning HELIN, you may opt to focus more on Task 2.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes)

  • Discuss Task 4 – (difference between URI Libraries and other libraries the students have used)

Evaluation Survey — Survey Monkey (5 minutes)



For Library Experience content, scheduling, answer keys, or any other questions
please contact:

Prof. Mary MacDonald, 874-4635,, or Prof. Amanda Izenstark, 874-4582,

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Facebook: URI 101 Mentor 2012