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Map It!




Large Scale Map of Campus without any labeling
Pens or Markers
List of Buildings on Campus


10-15 minutes, or spend 3-5 minutes at the beginning of each class to complete by the end of the semester


To familiarize students with the layout of the campus and where each building is located.


Take a large scale map of campus to class-if you are artistically inclined then you can draw it or you can bring a smaller picture to i-copy, campus copy or staples and have it enlarged…be sure the map does not label ANY buildings-use whiteout if necessary before it is enlarged.  Bring the map into class and have the students label the map including building names and list the services that are available there or the academic departments, who can park in which parking lots, the quad, the bus circle, etc.  Make sure you have a list of buildings on campus and know where they are so that you can help your students if they are really stuck, or make sure the locations are correct when they are finished.


You can also bring several copies of the regular sized campus map. Split the group into teams and see who can label the most buildings.

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