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Mine Field




Blindfolds, Balls to spread around as “mines” (Use the Self Management Balls from the mentor closet.) Make sure you have space to conduct this activity. Go outside if you can, if not regular objects in the classroom can be used for mines such as desks or chairs but be careful!


To develop communication skills and trust in the group.       


Before you do this activity with the class you need to label the time management balls with post it’s or regular labels of common problems for college freshmen.

Some Examples:

    • Skipping a Class
    • Not Studying For an Exam
    • Partying Every Night Instead of Doing Homework
    • Arguing With a Roommate

Split the group into pairs and give each pair a blindfold. Have the pairs get into a straight line. One person should put on the blindfold and stay in their spot. Then have their partner go to the other side of the “mine field.” Now you    can put out balls that are the “mines” across the field. The challenge is for each blind-folded person to walk from one side of the field to the other, avoiding the "mines", by listening to the verbal instructions of their partners.

Be careful of blindfolded people bumping into each other. The mentor can move around the playing area to help prevent collisions.

With everyone yelling to their partners at the same time it will be very difficult for them to hear their partner which also adds to the challenge. You can also not allow the blindfolded person to speak or ask questions.
Each mine they hit will represent a problem they could encounter in College. The objective is to get to the other side without encountering any problems, just like a student hopes to graduate college without failing out because they don’t do any work.


Instead of having people avoid objects you can have them collect objects that         have good and bad things on them and see if their partner can guide them to good outcomes. Red Balls could represent bad outcomes like failing a test, sleeping through class, or missing your URI 101 Service project. Green could represent good outcomes like studying really hard and getting an A on your test, having perfect attendance and getting extra credit for going to every class, realizing your passion for community service after your service project and volunteering at a soup kitchen every weekend.


Was it difficult to hear your partner when everyone was directing each other?          
What are some ways it could have been easier to hear your partner?
How did it feel if you hit a mine?
What are some ways in college that we can avoid “mines” like failing tests and skipping class etc.?

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