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In Order




Classroom space for your students to be in a single file line


Increase comfort level, get to know a little bit of information about each other, and work on alternate forms of communication.


Give the group the task to line up in a specific order.
                        Examples (try to think of some fun ideas of your own):

        • Tallest to Shortest
        • Youngest to Oldest
        • Alphabetical by first name
        • Birth month from January to December
        • Birth Day from 1 to 31

To make it more challenging you could ask the students to complete the task without talking, or form two groups and see who can successfully form the line first. Once they’ve done this try no talking and no hand gestures.


Was this easy or difficult? Was it difficult to understand people?

What were some of the ways you communicated without speaking?

What did you notice about others in the group? Was there any cheating?

Did you take a leadership role or follow the group?

Why is it important to be able to communicate with people in many different ways?

If you are having difficulty communicating with someone in your life (roommates, professors, other students) how can you try to communicate with them differently? (Ex. If you are having difficulty with a roommate, then you can try to get a mediator such as an RA to help you talk out your problems with your roommate.)

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