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Peanut Butter and Jelly




Jars of Peanut Butter and Jelly, Loaf of Bread, Butter Knife, Plate, Napkins, Blindfold


To show students the importance of communication and how easy it is to have a miscommunication.


Select a student volunteer to give you (the mentor) directions of how to make a peanut butter sandwich. Do everything they say literally.
Since the mentor knows the object of the activity, it is important that they are the person to be blindfolded. This activity can be messy so be prepared! Making a mess can be humorous for the class.

Tell the student to give you a lesson on how to make a sandwich.

If the Student Says…. Your Action….
Open the bread and take a slice out Rip the bag open and roughly take a slice
Put the peanut butter on the bread Take the whole jar and put it on the bread
Put the two slices together Place the pieces next to each other but not actually on top of each other

Your actions should show the student that they need to be very specific in their directions to you so there is no miscommunication.

After a little trial and error the student should be able to give more detailed directions.


What made this exercise difficult?
Why is it important to be clear and concise when we’re communicating with each other?
There are times in college when you may not understand the directions you are getting. If you don’t understand how a professor wants you to do an assignment how can you complete it?
What are some ways to avoid misunderstandings in class?
If there is a miscommunication what can you do to correct it?

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