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Pipeline and rolling objects (in mentor closet)


20-30 minutes


To develop teamwork, goal setting, and communication skills


Place the large container on the ground.  Allow each student to choose one piece of pipeline.  The goal is to transport one object (or more depending on preference) from the first pipeline into the container.  Here are the rules

  • Only one person can touch the object and they may only do so to place it into the first pipeline
  • The object may not stop
  • The object may not roll backwards
  • The object may not drop onto the ground
  • The object may not touch any team member
  • The pipelines may not touch each other at any time
  • When the object is in someone’s pipeline they may not move his/her feet
  • If any rule is broken the object will be returned to the beginning to start the process again

Set a time limit for the group if you wish. (Based on the topic you wish to apply this to)

Each object that the group is transporting can represent something that they want to achieve. For example the golf ball could be passing your math exam. The marble could be making new friends at college. If they miss the container that means they fail the test or don’t make any friends.


Goal Setting/Planning Focus
Tell students that they have a certain amount of time to transport as many objects as possible.  How many will they transport?
Tell students that they have to transport a certain number of objects.  How much time do you need?


Who took on leadership roles and who followed? Did you have something to say but chose not to? Why?
Did the group inform all members of the plan?
Was your goal appropriate? Too easy?  Too difficult?
Did you ever think of modifying your goal?
Was communication effective? Did the group plan effectively?
What problems arose? How did you handle disagreements?
Did you practice the plan? Did you spend enough time developing a plan?
What could have been done better?
How does this relate to your life and how you cope/strategize with other issues?

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