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Blow Pop Game




Blow Pops/Candy/Toilet Paper
List of Color Coded Questions


Allows students to get to know each other on a more personal level and raise the level of comfort within the group.


Pass around the Blow Pops allowing each student to pick whatever flavor they would like.  After each student has a pop go around and have them answer the question that corresponds to the color/flavor of the pop that they chose. 

Possible Questions:

Why did you choose to attend URI? (Grape)
What is your favorite memory? (Cherry)
What did you do this summer? (Watermelon)
One thing you hope to accomplish this year? (Apple)


  1. M&M’s or Skittles (have students take as many as they want and then they have to tell the class something unique about themselves for each one).

  2. Mentor begins by telling the students that all of the residence halls have run out of toilet paper and will not be restocked until the next morning.  You have brought one roll that they need to share so you will pass it around and each person should take as much TP as they think they will need to last them until the morning.  After each person has their supply of TP instruct them that what they really need to do is tell the group something about themselves for each piece of toilet paper that they have taken.

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