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Four Quadrants




One 4-quadrant handout per person
One 4-quadrant cheat sheet per person


20 - 30 minutes


This activity helps students reorganize the way they spend their time and define what is important in both their personal and professional lives. A facilitator reads tasks as students identify the importance and urgency of the tasks individually and then as a class. Society tends to do the urgent stuff over the important. This activity encourages minimizing unimportant and non-urgent tasks to promote effective and proactive people.


Pass out the 4-quadrant handout and cheat sheet

Read aloud a number of tasks and ask your students to assign a quadrant to each task based on how they view its importance and urgency and write it in their handout

Sample Tasks

            Calling Mom
                                    Typing up a paper due next week
                                    Eating Breakfast
                                    Going to the gym and working out
                                    Sending your sibling a birthday card
                                    Responding to emails
                                    Making dinner plans
                                    Studying for tomorrow’s biology test
                                    Writing in your journal
                                    Going for a run
                                    Attend weekly organization meeting
                                    Watch the football game
                                    Go out dancing with your friends
                                    Going to work

After that is complete, assign each corner of the room a quadrant
Reread the tasks and have students stand in the corner of the room that corresponds to the quadrant they put it in

Process each question or however you feel necessary as students go from corner to corner

Processing Questions:

What did we just do?
How did you feel when students put tasks in different quadrants than you?
Do you feel it could have gone into another quadrant?
If you only continuously do things in quadrant 1 what might happen and why?
Which quadrant(s) could you focus on minimizing? Why?
During which tasks do you feel the most emotionally and physically balanced?


Feel free to add your own tasks to better fit the type of students you have in your class.

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