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React and Act




Pens or pencils
Pieces of paper


30 minutes


To provide students with the opportunity to get to know their classmates and compete against each other.


React and Act is a funny icebreaker in which players randomly select a sheet of paper that has an occurrence on it (for example, winning a million dollars in the lottery) and they must react to the occurrence using animated expressions, gestures, and work.

Feel free to break the class into groups. Pass out sheets of paper and pens to the students.

Have each student write an event on the paper- be creative! Examples of events can include:
* Being surprised by a large, aggressive bear in the woods
* You just won the lottery
* You have just been proposed for marriage with an engagement ring
* You just got fired by an incompetent boss
* Making the game winning pass to win the Superbowl
* You just fell in love
* You just got an A on your history research paper

Once everyone writes an event, fold the paper once and give it to the mentor (or put them in a hat or empty bag for students to select from). Ask one student from each group to randomly select an event from the mentor (or hat/bag). Instruct them to react to this event, without explicitly giving away what the event is. Choose a time limit (usually 30 seconds to a minute works well). When you say "Go!" have them simultaneously react to their event using exaggerated gestures, facial expressions, and their voice.

For example, the person who has just won the lottery could raise his or her arms and scream excitedly, jumping up and down. The person who has just confronted a bear might make a terrified look, shake in fear, and call for help. And so on. After time expires, the other members of the group try to guess what happened for each person. If you wish to keep score, each team gets a point for each correct guess. This game is a great way to break the ice, while watching people act out silly things.


Try experimenting with these variations to the game:

* No talking allowed, but noises are okay. This increases the difficulty of the game by a lot, but it can be more hilarious.
* Have student's select more than one event to react and act, with more time, and see which group can correctly guess the most acts.

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