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Copies of Campus Map

(A great example can be found on the URI homepage!



To help students learn about services on campus and the location of different buildings.


Assign each student a building on campus at the end of the first class.  At the beginning of the second class have each student tell the class about their building including, where it is, what is in it, hours of operation if applicable, and one thing you might do there other than go to class (include other topics if desired).  Have a campus map on hand so that the student can show directly where it is. Or you can group students together to present on a building.


Roosevelt Hall, The Union, Mackal


    1. Pick a building to talk about at the beginning of each class for a few minutes-the library, the union, Edwards, Mackal, Keaney, Ryan Center, etc.  You may also want to discuss different organizations and services and give brief over views (use the Involvement page to get further information).
    2. Take your students on a campus tour that appeals to their needs and interests.
    3. Distribute campus maps and the calendar of events (new calendar each month.
    4. Email students each week (or tell them in class) to inform them of weekly events-concerts, seminars, fundraisers, etc.

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