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Righty, Lefty




Piece of paper and writing instrument for each student


5 minutes


Introduce the topic of learning styles and study habits


Ask students to write their name on a piece of paper with the hand that they normally use.  Talk about how easy or difficult this was for them.  Than ask them to write their name again using the opposite hand.  Discuss how easy or difficult this was. 


Why was it easier to use the hand that you normally use?
Why was it more difficult to use the opposite hand?
Could you learn to use the opposite hand if you had practice?
Learning Styles:

While it is easier for us to learn a certain way, it does not mean that we cannot learn any other way-it will just take a bit of work and practice.


Study Habits:

Practice and repetition over a period of time will help us retain skills and information.  Let students write their name with their opposite hand a few more times-does the handwriting improve?  Think how much it would improve over a longer period of time.
What challenges do you face in your academics that have to do with your learning style? Maybe you have trouble listening in a lecture or you can’t sit still long enough to study.

What are some ways that you can “practice” getting through these academic struggles? Example: Try taping a lecture so you can listen to it after class and write the notes out.

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