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Stand Up, Sit Down




Facilitator’s script


10 – 15 Minutes


To recognize the similarities and differences of your class


Read the Facilitator’s script to the class

Facilitators Script:

We are now going to do a little aerobic exercise called Stand up/ Sit down. This exercise will help you learn about the many different groups people belong to. When I call out a group that you belong to I want to you stand up. When you are standing, I want you to take a look around. You may be surprised at who is also in your group. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your membership in a group, you do not have to, but we encourage you to participate as much as possible.

Note. Certain key response categories are processed in large group as category is called out.

  • Stand Up if you are a girl? Boy?
  • Who was an only child growing up? Middle child? Youngest child? Oldest child? Twin?
Place of birth
  • Who was born on the West Coast of the U.S.? The Southwest? The Midwest? The South? The Mid-Atlantic States? New England? Rhode Island?
  • Who was born in a country other than the U.S.? (Ask those from another country which country they are from.)
Ethnic groups
  • Who identifies their ethnic or racial heritage as being African American? Latino/Latina? Native American? Cape Verdian? Italian? German? Irish? Asian American? Scandinavian? Anglo Saxon? French? Russian? Indian (from India)?
  • Did I leave out any groups?
  • Please stand if religion was important in your family growing up.
  • Please stand if it was not important.
  • Who was raised Roman Catholic? Jewish? Protestant? Orthodox? Buddhist? Unitarian? Muslim? Hindu?
  • Did I leave any group out?
Fun category (Intersperse)
  • Make up anything you want--i.e., Who here has a tattoo? Multiple Piercings?  Who here has been to Disneyland?
Economic background
  • Who here had less than sufficient monetary resources in your family when you were growing up?
  • Who had more than sufficient resources?
  • Who had just enough?
  • Who went to a private school? Public Middle Class School? Inner City or Working Class School?
Other Suggestions
  • Please stand if you were considered a minority in your childhood neighborhood. Please stand if you were a minority in school.
  • Who had a friend or significant other from a different background, such as a different racial, ethnic, religious or socioeconomic background?
  • Please stand or raise your hand if you have a physical disability.
  • Please stand if you have a gay or lesbian friend.
  • Have a hidden identity.
  • Some of us are members of groups that others do not readily know we belong to. Having an alcoholic parent, a learning disability, being part of a divorced family, being gay or lesbian, being adopted, having a disease that is not readily apparent. If you have an invisible identity, you are welcome to stand now. Anyone who feels comfortable sharing his or her identity may do so now. (At the end, you may want to thank those who share.


Does anyone have any reactions to seeing how many groups’ people were members of?
Does this exercise have anything to do with what is going on campus?
Why do you think I had you do this exercise?
What stood out for you?
Were there any surprises?

Add anything you think they left out--e.g., this shows that people have many group affiliations, and although they may seem different from you in certain ways, you may have something in common with them.

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