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Values Activity and Discussion




Values Statement

Envelope for each student with variety of statements and money $$$


30 minutes


The significance is determining what they value most about, who they are, and who they hope to be in the future.


Prior to entering the classroom, the instructor will take a few of the statements and money and place them in an envelope. There should be a mix of different types of statements in each envelop and some can also contain money. (Some about work, health, lifestyle, etc.) The instructor explains to the students that the contents of the envelope reflect the life of the student 5 years from now. The envelopes are then distributed to the students. After reviewing the contents, they have the opportunity to trade characteristics with the other students.

Tell the students that the object is to get an envelope with as many positive characteristics as they can get. They can bargain, trade or pay for characteristics from other students.


  • The discussion should reflect what characteristics were kept and who was satisfied with their original envelope.
  • Individual questions:
    • How did the original envelope influence you? How did it make you feel?
    • What challenges did you need to overcome?
    • What was the worst thing in your envelope? Could you convince someone to take it from you?
  • Group questions:
    • How many people switched around?
    • Did they have to do much convincing in order to gain another characteristic?
    • What trades were easy to make and why?
  • The conversation should reflect the differences in each of us, how we do not completely know what someone else is experiencing until we walk in their shoes and how we deal with situations that present themselves that challenge our values system.

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