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Where Do I Go? What Do I Do?




Scenarios List


10-15 minutes, or ask a few questions for 3-5 minutes at the beginning of each class


To familiarize students with the services on campus and where they are located.


Create different scenarios that a freshman, or any student, could be in and not know where to go, or what to do.  Include some easy scenarios so that the students feel some reassurance, but then include some more discrete questions so that they learn new things.  If the students do not know the answer give them some clues and eventually tell them the answer-the point is for them to learn.
…I need to get my mail. (First floor of the union)
…I need to pay a tuition/university bill. (Green Hall-Enrollment Services)
…I am homesick and want to talk to somebody. (Early Alert)
…I want a burger. (Ram’s Den, Albie’s, Hope, Burger Shack!)
…I am having roommate problems. (Early Alert, Housing Services in RoJo’s)
…I have been assaulted. (Police, Violence Prevention and Advocacy Services in the Women’s Center)
…I am having trouble in a class. (Professor office hours, AEC)
…My friend appears to have a drinking/drug problem. (Substance Abuse Prevention Services-in the union)
…I want to organize a fundraiser. (Clearing House for Volunteers-Roosevelt)
…I want to get involved on campus. (Involvement Fair, Union-get a list of organizations and contact info.)

The possibilities are endless, but make sure you have the answers (sometimes there is more than one) before you ask the question.  It may also be good to ask questions relating to the major of the students if you have a decided section (i.e. Where are our major offices, What room is the UC advisor for our major located in, etc.)  Depending on the class and the willingness of students to ask questions you may also have them ask you questions that they have on where to go.

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