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Air Travel
Virgin Atlantic Pilots Smartglasses and Smartwatches (3/4/15)
World's First 3D-Printed Jet Engines (2/25/15)

Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide (5/18/15)
Bike To Work Day 2015 (5/18/15)
2015ís Top Bike Stories So Far (5/15/15)
2015 Bicycle Friendly State Ranking (5/13/15)
Carry Beverages by Bike With Style (5/12/15)
Five Bike to Work Week Events (5/8/15)

Woman is Rowing 6,000 Miles (5/20/15)
Donít Believe in Ferries (3/6/15)

The Importance of Floating Bus Stops (5/18/15)
Public Transit Hits 10.8 Billion Trips In 2014 (3/9/15)

Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks
Time to Get Serious About Car Talk (5/21/15)
Are Cars Driving Into the Sunset? (3/8/15)

Engineering and Planning
Designing Streets for Transit (5/11/15)
Transportation Empowerment Pilot Launched (4/23/15)
Making the Case for Complete Streets (3/25/15)
Portland's Forthcoming Car-Free Bridge (3/19/15)

State, Locals Far Outspend Feds on Public Works (4/8/15)
Carbon Tax Proposed for New York State (3/5/15)

The View from the Sidewalk (5/22/15)
Nailing Drivers Who Donít Yield to Pedestrians (5/14/15)
Who Owns Our Sidewalks? (5/5/15)

Turning a Subway Car Into a Gallery (3/1/15)
What Trains Can Teach Us About Public Space (2/26/15)

Researching Ways to Keep Roads in Mint Condition (4/30/15)
Researchers Develop 3D-Printable Concrete Powder (3/16/15)

Low Rail Spending Leads to Poor Safety (5/20/15)
Security and Surveillance in Transportation (3/26/15)
New Tools to Improve Warning Signs (3/9/15)

The Pros and Cons of Alternative Energy (5/22/15)
Detroit Tests Blue Infrastructure (5/19/15)

Workforce Development
No End in Sight for Worsening Driver Shortage (4/1/15)
Investment in Maritime Education (3/16/15)

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