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Researcher of the Year
Dr. Norbert Mundorf
Norbert Mundorf Dr. Norbert Mundorf, a professor in the University of Rhode Island's Harrington School of Communication & Media, was selected as the Rhode Island Transportation Center (URITC) 2013 Researcher of the Year. Mundorf's research has focused on sustainability in transportation, active communities and healthier lifestyles for commuters.

Wendy Lucht, coordinator of the Ocean State Clean Cities Program at URI, nominated Mundorf. She emphasized the professor's efforts to encourage people to carpool, walk, bike and take public transit, instead of driving alone.

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Vinka Craver
Vinka Craver The University of Rhode Island Transportation Center has named Vinka Craver the 2012 Researcher of the Year. An assistant professor in URI's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department since 2008, Craver is more than a researcher. She is an environmentalist, an educator and a humanitarian. Craver's work on developing sustainable water treatment using nanotechnology earned her the Researcher of the Year award.

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Professor Arijit Bose
Dr. James Kroes Professor Arijit Bose, of the URI Department of Chemical Engineering, was selected as the 2011 URITC Researcher of the Year. Bose has worked on many transportation- related research projects over the years, including developing a method to quantify asphalt-rock adhesion, working on inorganic composite nano materials for solar cell applications, and more recently, on self-healing concrete.

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Dr. James Kroes & Dr. Yuwen Chen
Dr. Yuwen Chen Dr. James Kroes Dr. James Kroes and Dr. Yuwen Chen were named the 2010 Co-researchers of the Year by the University of Rhode Island Transportation Center. The hard work that Kroes and Chen put into the study led directly to the $22.3 million Federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant.

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Christopher Baxter
Christopher Baxter was selected by the University of Rhode Island Transportation Center as its 2009 Researcher of the Year. Baxter is an associate professor in URI's Ocean, Civil and Environmental Engineering Departments. He has worked for the University for 10 years.

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Dr. Michael L. Greenfield
Dr. Michael L. Greenfield was named the University of Rhode Island Transportation Center's 2008 Researcher of the Year. Baxter is an associate professor in URI's Department of Chemical Engineering. The award was in recognition of Greenfield's URITC-funded projects and their resulting publications and presentations. His most recent URITC-sponsored research project is 'Simulation, Modeling and Interpretation of Asphalt Rheology.'

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