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Scenes from the College of Arts and Sciences
Staff & Executive Board

Administrative Staff

Deborah Rosen
Executive Director
p: 401.874.9091

Jeff Cathcart
Director, Tech. Transfer & Outreach
p: 401.368.4850

Neil Nachbar
p: 401.874.4585

Ron Giles
Senior Information Technologist
p. 401.874.9514

Lori Jacolucci
Scientific Research Grant Assistant
p: 401.874.5970

Tory Perrotta
Senior Word Processing Typist
p: 401.874.7075

Gema Vinuales
Research Manager
p. 401.874.5064

Executive Board

Robert Weygand, Chair
Peter Alfonso
Mark M. Higgins
Phillip Kydd
Michael Lewis
Peter Osborn
Jared Rhodes
Kevin Smith
Raymond Wright

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