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President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW)
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Welcome to the URI President's Commission on the Status of Women...

Who are we?

The Presidentís Commission on the Status of Women, PCOSW, was established in 2002 by President Robert Carothers.  It is a committee of some twenty-five individuals from across the University, representing a variety of faculty, staff, administration and student perspectives on the situation of women at URI.  Members are appointed by the University President.

What is our mission?

The mission of PCOSW is to promote an environment free of gender-based discrimination.  We seek a University culture in which the unique contributions of all individuals can flourish.  To do this, we not only work on our own as a commission, but also invite other members of the community to join project committees, and collaborate with other organizations and structures within the University.

What are we doing currently?

The PCOSW is working on a number of projects, and cordially invite interested members of the community to join us in these efforts.  At this time the projects include:

  • Establishing a harassment committee.
  • Establishing a day care center.
  • Improving the ease with which PeopleSoft is used.
  • Developing policies and resources to help dual career couples.
  • Building and maintaining our website, to facilitate communication about organizations and activities that are important to womenís well-being at URI.
  • Sponsoring periodic networking receptions.

 What have we accomplished?

  • This past year, our joint efforts with the ADVANCE project and the University administration resulted in a new parental leave policy.   Members of a number of URI unions are now able to take six weeks paid leave when they have a new child.
  • We have initiated  periodic receptions to encourage networking across the University.
  • We have started this website.

How can you help?

We enthusiastically encourage people who are not members of the Presidentís Commission to offer their support and assistance.

  1. Join one of our subcommittees.  If you are interested in a particular project, contact the chair of that subcommittee.  The subcommittees and their members are listed on this website.
  2. Contribute your ideas about how the status of women at URI can be improved.  Contact any PCOSW member to make your suggestions and/or initiate a conversation.  A list of PCOSW members is on this website.
  3. Let our web manager know about any organizations or activities that can be added to this website.  Contact Karol Leuzarder karol@uri.edu or Munirat Adebimpe madebimpe@mail.uri.edu

Upcoming Events

Please check back for future events!

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