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Faculty and Staff

Web Publishing Resources

Publishing Official Web Pages for Departments and Student Organizations
Information on how to create and update Web pages for departmental units, faculty, staff, and student organizations.

Publishing Multimedia Information
Information on various types of audio, video, and compression software used in publishing multimedia.

Site Maintainer Registration Request
The ITS Web Services maintains a database of contact information about Web site owners. Fill out this request form to provide updated information, in case ITS Web Services needs to contact you.

Request a MySQL Database Account
Request a MySQL database account to store data and/or assist in the development of dynamic Web applications.

User-Configurable FormMail
FormMail provides a facility for support of user-defined forms.

Web Discussion Listserv
Participate with other Web authors on campus in exchanging ideas on HTML, Web design, Web department template, Web design guidelines, and other Web publishing related issues.

Web Access Statistics for server
View World Wide Web access statistics on the Web server.


ITS Web Account Application Form

Departmental Web Server Registration

Request a Link

Request to add/update a hyperlink to my page on the main URI Web site.

What if the Webmaster made a mistake!


Subscribe to the URI Web Publishing Blog for latest news, tips, resources and tools related to web technologies.

Web Publishing Listserv

Subscribe to URIWEB-L Listserv to keep informed of ideas on web-related issues on campus.