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Faculty and Staff

Web Publishing Discussion Lists

There is a way for campus Web authors to exchange ideas on HTML, Web design, Web department template, Web design guidelines, and other Web publishing related issues. Everyone within the University of Rhode Island community is encouraged to participate.

  • WEBPUB Listserv - A general mailing list for everyone who owns a web account on the URI web server
  • WWWADMIN Listserv - A mailing list for those who maintain official college/department/program websites.

For example, to subscribe to the listervs, send an email to with the following command in the body of the email:

subscribe WEBPUB Your Name

subscribe WWWADMIN Your Name


subscribe WEBPUB John Doe

subscribe WWWADMIN John Doe


ITS Web Account Application Form

Departmental Web Server Registration

Request a Link

Request to add/update a hyperlink to my page on the main URI Web site.

What if the Webmaster made a mistake!


Subscribe to the URI Web Publishing Blog for latest news, tips, resources and tools related to web technologies.

Web Publishing Listservs

Subscribe to Web listservs to keep informed of ideas on web-related issues on campus.