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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

~Anthony Brandt~


The Virtual Work-Life-Family Center at the University of  Rhode Island provides adoption assistance & information to those individuals interested in adoption, as well as information about adoption & foster care support, adoption laws, information for perspective and adoptive parents, and links to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut adoption agencies including links to other useful adoption-related sites.


Aging is a natural part of life.  In an attempt to assist our aging population and their family members, we have compiled a list of information pertinent to aging such as information about employment and volunteer opportunities, health & wellness, nutrition, and long-term care insurance.  We also offer information about adult day care and senior centers, care givers & clinical programs.

Child Care

So far, there is only one Child Care Center associated with the university. We do however, provide information about other local child care centers, as well as information about summer camps, after school programs, and tips on selecting quality child care.


Children are our future and as such we work hard to provide an array of support and information for them.  We offer a variety of links including, but not limited to, foster care agencies, support groups for children, and resources for adolescents & young adults.

Death & Dying

However unpleasant, death & dying is part of the natural cycle of life.  As such we attempt to make one of the hardest things in life individuals will have to experience, as bearable as possible by offering information on preparing for your own passing as well as assisting those who are experiencing the passing of others in their life cope. We offer, among other,  information on the employee assistance program as well as bereavement leave at URI. 


Going through a divorce is stressful for anyone.  In order to minimize the negative effects of divorce we offer a variety of useful information related to divorce such as RI marriage annulment and divorce laws, child custody, and support groups. 

Family Services

The Virtual Work-Life-Family Center is offering a range of information aimed at assisting Rhode Island families. We offer links to the RI Family Guide, the Department of Human Services, DCYF, and other local and national agencies.

Marriage & Domestic Partnership

We offer a multitude of valuable information for married individuals and individuals living in a domestic partnership as well as information on marrying abroad and marriage laws by state.


Becoming a parent is a joyous and stressful occasion. In an attempt to support new parents we have compiled a list of useful information ranging from support for new mothers, fathers & grandparents, activities for families and entertainment for children, to behavior and development information for your child.

Pet Care

Owning  a pet has many benefits. We gathered information about pet adoptions, vets and animal hospitals, kennels, training & obedience as well as information on parks and recreational areas for pet lovers.

Pregnancy & Birth

Whether you are currently pregnant, planning to become a parent in the future or have difficulties conceiving we have the resources necessary for you. We offer information on infertility & alternative reproduction, preparing for parenthood, breastfeeding, heath & wellness as well as support groups.


The Virtual Work-Life-Family Center at URI has compiled a list of information for retirees and their families. We offer information on URI retirement plans, policies, benefits and other useful information relating to retirement. 

Special Needs

Links related to special needs areas including, among others, education, disability services and agencies have been compiled by our office.


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