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"Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen."

~Peter Marshall~


We compiled a list of useful information pertaining to addictive behaviors and their consequences. Among others, we offer information regarding addiction to alcohol and other drugs, smoking, gambling, sex, and shopping.

Emergency Services

Links and relevant information regarding threatening and dangerous situations.


The University of Rhode Island is committed to the promotion of wellness for all members of the community. As a result we compiled a list of valuable resources, links, and opportunities for exercising for  faculty, staff, and students alike. 

Financial Health

A compilation of pertinent links and information related to your financial health such as links to credit reporting agencies, financial tools and others.


Information about nutrition including information about eating problems eating disorders, support groups and a multitude of other useful links.

Personal Wellbeing

Links and useful information about personal wellbeing, including relationship wellbeing, individual wellbeing etc.

Physical Health

Information about physical health including links to area hospitals, information about support groups pertaining to a multitude of health issues and other useful links and information.

Psychological Health

Recognizing that psychological health is just as important as physical health in the maintenance of a healthy body led us to compile a list of resources and links to mental health programs, services, and support groups.

Stress Management

Excessive stress may manifest itself in the form of illness, infertility, or fatigue and may have an impact on the immune system and cardiovascular health. The Work-Life-Family Center provides resources and programs to help faculty, staff, and students achieve and maintain good health and wellness.

Violence Prevention

Violence is a serious and pervasive issue in our society and comes in many forms. Domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, neglect, and animal abuse are examples of the issues we offer information about.


Following the Rhode Island Wellness Initiative the Work Life Family Center compiled a list of links to areas related to living a healthy lifestyle.


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