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Academic Alternative Spring Break (AASB)

Welcome to the Academic Alternative Spring Break website. AASB is a program that combines academic preparation and a spring break of service in a three-credit course offered in the spring semester. This class explores issues of poverty such as homelessness, political communities, economics and will link with Habitat for Humanity as a community partner. Over Spring Break, students in the class travel to a particular location in the United States for a week-long service experience. Following this, students continue in the classroom for continued learning and reflection.

Do You Qualify?

Are you a URI student? Are you on the verge of being a civically engaged community member? Will you be able to support yourself financially for this trip and service experience? Fundraising during the semester will be important! Are you willing to participate in group fundraising? These are some of the criteria for participation...does this sound like a class for you?

What Do You Get From It

You would have to give an open mind, a commitment to communication and reflection, the ability to work hard physically, think hard mentally, and a willingness to give a strong consideration to being continually engaged in civic endeavors.

What Do You Get From It?

  • You will get 3 credits
  • You will get a deeper understanding of the social, economic and political issues affecting the most disenfranchised in this society
  • You will have a primer in civic engagement possibly to benefit your community
  • You will create excellent resume materia
  • You will work with a group of students and faculty in a close professional relationship
  • You will be learning while doing and will be viewing a topic from all aspects, including side-by-side work with the people intimately involved

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