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Women's Center

Independent Student Services (ISS)

The Independent Student Service office is located in the URI Women's Center. The building is located right next to Admissions, at 22 Upper College Rd., and is open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30.

An Independent Student at the University of Rhode Island is any student over the age of 23 attending the university on full or part time status. Independent Student Services seeks to help the needs of this student population by offering a wide range of academic to social support services.

If you are an Independent Student and need any kind of assistance, please stop by the The Women's Center during regular business hours or call Carolyn Sovet, Director of the URI Women's Center, at 874-5412, email, or use the online form below to contact us.

Click here for Online Form.

You can use this form to email us with any questions, comments, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an ID card?

  • ID cards are required for all transactions at the library. Without an ID card you cannot take out any books, use the reference and reserve departments or the computer lab, and these are important facilities you will need during your stay at URI.
  • Your ID card can also be used as a debit card at most campus facilities and in the Emporium adjacent to the campus.

Why do I get an ID card?

  • In the Student Access Office on the second floor of the Memorial Union. This is also where you can add money to your ID card if you wish to use it as a debit card. The Student Access Office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30-4:45 and on Fridays between 8:30-3:45.

Why do I need a parking permit when I am a registered student, and I am only on campus for one or two classes?

  • Without a parking permit firmly affixed upon your windshield, the campus police do not know if you legally belong on campus. With a parking permit, you will receive a map of the campus. This map shows you where you can legally park. Post it in your vehicle where you may refer to it at any time, for this map will save your money. It is easier to find a parking space before 8 or after 5.
  • Each September you will need to get a new permit.
  • To avoid parking problems, there is a shuttle that will pick you up at the Keaney Gym or the Fine Arts Center parking lots. This shuttle will transport you from class to class and re-deposit you back to your vehicle.
  • You can get a parking permit at the Campus Police department, which is located at 44 Lower College Rd. Their phone number is 874-2121.

How will I know if classes have been canceled due to bad weather?

  • Call 401-874-SNOW (7669)

I do not own a computer. Is there a place on campus that allows students the use of computers? Also, does the university offer lessons, other than technical computer classes, to beginners??

  • Yes, to both questions.
  • First, there are many computer labs throughout the campus.
  • Second, there are computer short courses available to teach students basic and advanced lessons. These short courses are one or two hours long, require no money and give no homework or credit but are great assets to the students. For more information on short courses call 874-2301.

Where are the computer labs located?

  • Library, bottom floor
  • Memorial Union, third floor
  • Ballantine Hall, second floor
  • Independence, Hall, third floor
  • Tyler Hall, first floor

Where do I get my textbooks?

There are two bookstores conveniently located for your benefit. They both take cash, check, credit cards. Used books cost less than new books.

  • The URI Bookstore 874-2721 is located on the first floor of Memorial Union.
  • The RI Book Company 789-8530 is located in the Emporium.

I need help studying for tests and I don't always quite understand what the professor is trying to convey in class. Does the campus offer tutoring?

  • Yes, there is a tutoring and learning center at Roosevelt Hall, on the Fourth Floor called the Academic Enhancement Center. Here you can get one on one tutoring and help in learning good study habits. The number for the Academic Enhancement Center is 874-2367 and the website is

Do I have to register on the URI campus?

  • No, you can register through e-campus, which can be accessed online form any computer.
  • By going online to and register on e-campus for a student id number. Here, you will be asked to create a user id and password in order to log in to e-campus in order to create your course schedule and view your financial aid.

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