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Women's Center

Rose Butler Browne
Leadership & Mentor Program
for Women of Color

Successful women, wake up!
Your Younger sisters want to grasp your outstretched hands,
and encouraged by the love of your hearts
start their journeys to success.
-Rose Butler Browne, 1969

URI Course Information

COURSE: HDF 291 ( Now Enrolling for the Fall of 2009!!)

MEETING DAYS: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Course is accepted towards the leadership minor)

TIME: 2:00 -3:15 PM

LOCATION: Swan Hall 209


Gail Faris


Phone: 874-5464

Munirat Adebimpe


Phone: 874-4042


Rose Butler Browne was the first african American woman to graduate from the Universtiy of Rhode Island in 1921, and this program, spponsored by the Women's Center and the Center for Student Leadership and Development, is named for her and invoices her spirit in its implemetation.

Approximately nine years ago, an undergraduate student noticed that there were a high number of first-year Latina women leaving the University of Rhode Island in their first year. As a part of her efforts to try to determine the cause of this "phenomenon", as well as a solution, she brought her concerns to the attention of the Director of the Women's Center. From several discussions with the Director of the Women's Center and other Latina students, De Mujer A Mujer (Woman to Woman) was formed to provide support for first year Latina women at the University.

After the first few meetings it was determined that part of the problem was that many of the women had difficulties adjusting to their new environment. It was then generalized that if Latina first year students were having problems adjusting to their new environment then African, African-American, Asian, Native American and other women of color might be having similar experiences. Therefore, the concept of mentoring first year Latina women was expanded to include all women of color. This program seeks to address that expanded need. By expanding the program, two additional aspects of support, professional and academic, would be offered in addition to the social support that was already established by De Mujer A Mujer. The sponsors hope the program becomes an extension of the services already provided by Talent Development, the Women's Center, the Center for Student Leadership Development and the Multicultural Center and plans to establish links with high schools in the hope of providing a networking base for female high school seniors who plan to attend URI.

General Information

A. Social Objectives

To establish a sense of belonging for first year students as new members of the URI community.
To help new students become more familiar with the various student organizations and activities on and off campus.
To provide an open forum in which students can express their cultural and spiritual beliefs.
To enhance communication between first year students and upperclass students.

B. Academic Objectives

To establish a learning community among the participants in the program.
To help decrease the drop out rate among students of color.
To create an open line of communication between other students, faculty and teaching staff.
To enhance the academic learning experience for the students.

C. Professional Objectives

To assist students in establishing a networking base for employment opportunities.
To enhance resume writing and interviewing skills.


The Mentors and Trainers will…
Provide new students with guidance and insight into campus life academically and socially
Help facilitate discussions relevant to first year students
Plan and facilitate a leadership development program
Receive academic credit for the training and service

The Students will…
Obtain the knowledge and skills needed to have a successful college career with the help of their assigned mentor
Hopefully become mentors when they become upper-class students

The Advisor will…
Help facilitate meetings and programs organized by the members of the group
Act as a resource person for conferences / workshops and obtaining speakers
Assist in establishing a working relationship with other organizations on campus

Sign-Up & More Info

The RBB curriculum is divided into four components this semester:

  • Know Yourself
  • Lead Yourself
  • Broadening Your Perspectives and Understand Others
  • The Mentoring Relationship

Activities Include:

  • Harlem Renaissance Discussion
  • Diversity Week Activity
  • Reading and Discussion of "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
  • Career Services Presentation
  • Violence Prevention Presentation
  • Counseling Center Presentation
  • Coping with Stress Discussion
  • Resume Preparation
  • Maintaining a Journal
  • Creating a Personal Portfolio

To sign up for the program or for more information, please e-mail Gail Faris at or call 874-5464. Leave your name, summer phone, summer address, fall phone, fall address, and e-mail address (leave as much information as you know). This program is sponsored by the URI Women’s Center and the Center for Student Leadership Development