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Women's Center

Questions And Answers

Will anyone contact my parents without my permission?

If you are eighteen years or older, law enforcement agencies, University offices, and crisis intervention agencies will not contact your parents. However, if you are not eighteen, some departments of the University have a legal obligation to contact your parents or guardians.

Will my peers find out what happened?

University and law enforcement personnel will do their best to maintain your privacy. While Campus Security cannot guarantee confidentiality, they can help refer you to other people on campus who may offer confidential support.

Once a student officially reports a sexual assault to the University, what happens?

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

Is there a 24 hour hot line that victims can call for assistance?

The Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center works to reduce the trauma of sexual assault by providing immediate and long-term support to victims of sexual assault and their families and friends.

The center operates a statewide 24 hour hotline. Counselor advocates provide confidential support, information, and advocacy and are available to accompany victims of sexual assault to the hospital, police station, and court.

The center also provides on-going counseling or appropriate referrals for adults and children. Support groups for sexual assault and incest survivors are available. Counseling services are available on a sliding scale basis. Call (401)421-4211 or 1-800-494-8100.

Additional resources are available here.