Ramses I

Memorials and Statues: Rhody the Ram

Rameses I, donated by the class of 1958, is the honored mascot of URI. More commonly known as Rhody the Ram, the sculpture is located in front of the Memorial Union. Students, alumni and university officials are often asked how the “ram” became the school’s mascot.  In the early days of the university, the athletic […]

Quinn Hall

Buildings on the URI Quadrangle: Quinn Hall

Funding for the construction of Quinn Hall, as well as for Green and Roosevelt Halls, came from the federal government in 1933. The buildings were designated as a Works Progress Administration (W.P. A.) project, a Great Depression relief program.

David M. Dooley

David M. Dooley, 2009-Present

Installed as the University’s 11th president in 2009, David M. Dooley is known for his collaborative leadership style and entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving.

Bliss Hall

Buildings on the URI Quadrangle: Bliss Hall

Bliss Hall, the flagship of the College of Engineering since it opened it doors in 1928, is located on the northeast corner of the Quadrangle. It was named in honor of Zenias Bliss, a prominent and supportive state legislator.

Robert L. Carothers

Robert L. Carothers, 1991–2009

During his 18-year tenure President Robert “Bob” Carothers strengthened the University’s structure, infrastructure, and curriculum. He oversaw a branding initiative that defined the University’s distinctiveness among public higher education institutions in the marketplace.

Hardge Memorial

Memorials and Statues: Hardge Memorial

A sculpture of civil rights leader, Reverend Arthur L. Hardge, stands in front of the Multicultural Student Services Center. The 6-foot sculpture of Hardge, dressed in clerical clothes and holding a Bible, was dedicated Sept. 12, 2000 in honor of his life and legacy.  “The Rev,” as he was affectionately called, was the first director […]

Edward D. Eddy

Edward D. Eddy, 1983-1991

President Edward Eddy, known as Ted to many of his friends, focused his efforts on developing a budget strategy to develop the University’s potential by promoting the uniqueness of the University and its excellence and by cultivating its then nearly 76,000 alumni base.

Washburn Hall

Buildings on the URI Quadrangle: Washburn Hall

Washburn Hall, originally named Agriculture Hall, was built to centralize the studies of agriculture, animal husbandry, dairying and horticulture.

Frank Newman

Frank Newman, 1974-1983

President Frank Newman reversed the tide of declining enrollment during his tenure. He revamped the general education curriculum to emphasize global perspectives, launched the research ship, Endeavor, and recognized the importance of higher education for older students.

Ballentine Hall

Buildings on the URI Quadrangle: Ballentine Hall

Increased enrollment during the 1960s created a need for a new building on campus. Business faculty and alumni successfully lobbied President Francis H. Horn to designate the new facility as a business college.