Edward D. Eddy, 1983-1991

President Edward Eddy, known as Ted to many of his friends, focused his efforts on developing a budget strategy to develop the University’s potential by promoting the uniqueness of the University and its excellence and by cultivating its then nearly 76,000 alumni base. He raised faculty salaries, arguing that improved salaries would improve URI’s curriculum and status. He helped expand the Graduate School of Oceanography and its research initiatives.

Hopefully a university education gives us exposure to the people who count…Most of us get to know them through literature, history, the news, drama, “success stories,” or word of mouth. These are the people who believe so deeply that their actions are shaped by their beliefs. In the course of acting and believing they help make the world a better place for the rest of us…Lately we’re seen more examples of people who count, who are willing to say, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Some of them speak up in South Africa and some in Rhode Island. The trained ear listens for their whisper or their shout.

Edward D. Eddy
July 9, 1986