Frank Newman, 1974-1983

President Frank Newman reversed the tide of declining enrollment during his tenure. He revamped the general education curriculum to emphasize global perspectives, launched the research ship, Endeavor, and recognized the importance of higher education for older students. His influence continued after he left the University as the lead author of the influential Newman Report that served as a national blueprint for federal legislation related to public education.

Often, as I walk across the quadrangle in the early spring evenings…I am struck by the peacefulness and beauty of the campus—so different from the bustle at ten minutes to eleven—when the quadrangle is crawling with students as classes change…But the loveliness of the campus—with the pathways cleared and the benches emptied of their earnest duos—has a captivating, though gentle spirit. It seems a reminder that the life of the mind requires tranquility on occasion more than activity.

Frank Newman
In a letter to the Graduating Class of 1983