Werner A. Baum

Werner A. Baum, 1968-1973

Born in Germany in 1923, Werner Baum became a naturalized citizen in 1934, and the seventh president of the University in 1968.

Memorial Union

Memorials and Statues: The Memorial Union

Following World War II, five Quonset huts, provided by local war surplus stores, served as the university’s student union.  In the fall of 1945, alumni, the administration, and trustees began raising funds for the construction of a permanent structure.  In 1954, the building was dedicated as a memorial “in honor of alumni and students who […]

Francis H. Horn

Francis H. Horn, 1958 – 1967

When Francis “Fran” Horn became the University’s sixth president, student enrollment was under 3,000 and state leaders often dismissed the University as a “cow college.”

East Hall

Buildings on the URI Quadrangle: East Hall

East Hall, named for its location on the Quadrangle, was completed in 1909 and designated as a men’s dormitory, thereby solving a housing crisis on campus.

Carl R. Woodward

Carl R. Woodward, 1941-1958

Carl Woodward became president of Rhode Island State College in 1941, one month before Peal Harbor was attacked.

Memorial Gate

Memorials and Statues: The Memorial Gateway

The Memorial Gateway on Upper College Road, constructed with the last remaining granite quarried on the campus, honors the men from the University who lost their lives during World War I. In addition, a grove of 23 oak trees was planted at the gateway in remembrance of the 23 men who died fighting the war, […]

Raymond G. Bressler

Raymond G. Bressler, 1931-1940 

Raymond George Bressler, at the age of 43, became the president of Rhode Island State College in 1931.

Old Ben Butler

Memorials and Statues: Ben Butler

At the southwest corner of the quadrangle stands a cannon named Old Ben Butler. Capt. George N. Kenyon bought the canon for the University shortly before the inauguration of the state’s agricultural school, now the University. The captain loaned the cannon to the students as part of the celebration.  The students stuffed Old Ben full […]

Howard Edwards

Howard Edwards, 1906 – 1930 

Howard Edwards was the University’s longest-serving president. During his 24-year tenure, he fostered URI’s growth from a tiny agricultural school into a full-fledged College.

Memorial Union

The Memorial Union: The University’s ‘Living Room’

Today we know the Memorial Union as the building with the clock tower in the heart of the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston Campus, but the Union has a long and quirky history. It all started in 1943 when the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity building—vacant at the time—was turned into a student gathering place. Although […]